FlatEarthLunacy.com is a Fraud, Jonah Kirszenberg a Liar, Thief, Criminal, Stole The Art, Then Trademarked It!

Will John Kirszenberg, FlatEarthLunacy, e-commerce failure be jailed for this brazen act of theft?

This image was illegally trademarked. It’s a clipart image that John Kirszenberg claimed at the USPTO.

Why would he trademark some clipart?

The Words of Jonah The Cyberbully, a Hypocrite With No Insight

The following quotes are taken from a website about meditation and mindfulness.

The author, Jonah The Cyberbully, is a full-time cyberbully, slanderer, liar, and psychopath with no empathy who tries to get me arrested, fired, and ruined.

“The human race has blossomed into a multitude of diversity. If in that diversity, we exercise a tendency to judge people, that indicates that our ego is locked in a cycle of prejudice and misunderstanding – we are not free.”

Wow. Such high mindedness for such a lowlife. Let us continue.

“The world returns to you (like a mirror) what you give to it. – If you are hateful, you will predominantly see hate in the world. – If you are distrustful, you will support conspiracy theories. – If you are loving, you will see the good and divinity in all people”

That hateful prick probably thinks of himself as loving. Also note his bias against “conspiracy theories” which displays his abysmal naivety.

Check this one out:

“We may view a homeless man wandering the streets and looking in the garbage for food. But don’t judge him as unfit and lazy for not having a job.
We don’t see his PTSD from fighting in the Iraq war, or from losing his job and house, or for living between a rock and a hard place. Maybe he has developed mental issues and has fallen into alcohol and drug addiction. As he battles his demons, we should instead extend a hand of love and compassion.”

John Kirszenberg is attempting to get me fired as well as trying to destroy my reputation with slander and libel. He’s an old fool on retirement. I work all day, every day. I’m a veteran and I have been diagnosed with PTSD following a significantly traumatizing event. Does he extend “love and compassion”? Nope. He rejected my Cease and Desist letters and doubled down on his distortions. Therefore, I have no choice but to bear his constant barrage of damaging concocted bullshit and lies until he dies (which will probably be soon, given his low vibes and karmic debt).

Here he recommends mediating away your inner asshole.

“The shackles of the ego are loosened and eventually broken thru spiritual pursuit and the regular practice of meditation. Meditate every day. Seek to become enlightened. Free yourself from the bondage of judgment and enjoy unlimited freedom.”

John, you’re a racist bully and nothing can erase that. The BLM in Ohio is well aware of your statements so I recommend you delete everything and hide. 😉


Yes, Jonah, Your Subscribestar was CANCELLED.


Hello, you pathetic cyberstalker/ cyberbully.

I’m dealing with Goldfinch. I’ll deal with you after.

You’re flat out crazy and stupid.

Get a life, Jonah.

FLATEARTHLUNACY is your legacy. A legacy is obsessiveness and compulsory behavior.

Stop being a CRY BULLY.

You are not a victim. You’re the victimizer.

Narcissist. Is this why your wife left you?

Tim Ozman


* I had his Subsribestar CANCELLED
* His shop was CANCELLED

There is an overzealous self-righteous dim-witted psychopath named Jonah who is making a name for himself by engaging in hysterical character assassination and defamation campaigns against people more intelligent than he is. 

He’s incredibly dishonest and plays games in order to solicit material to use against his targets. These days, I merely laugh out loud at his antics. After all, once his personal information leaked, it was plain to see what we were dealing with: a used piece of garbage with thrice recycled pissed on thoughts. 

I suppose it has never occurred to him that he might be utterly wrong about all of his base assumptions. His manner of dealing with those he disagrees with is just moronic and self-defeating. He makes more enemies than friends and even people that agree with him aren’t into personal attacks as a hobby. 

He’s not really a scientist. I’ll start using the designation: 

Jonah The Cyberbully. 

His obsessiveness is matched only by his cowardice. Again, he was ANONYMOUS until he was dragged out into the light.

Tim Ozman


Hello New Reader:

Here are a few comments about a work of comedic fiction I am immersed in at the moment: Flat Lunacy.

Flat Lunacy is a concept about a Scientist losing his mind in a failed attempt to DEBUNK flat earth.

It’s really a tragicomedy. If there is any resemblance to Herbert Kerszenberger to any real life scientist, God help us all!

Herbert’s white smock gives his ego the illusion of perfection and he falls hard on his face again and again until he reaches the edge of the known world.

Nothing can prepare him for what awaits him there.

Tim Ozman