FlatEarthLunacy.com is a Fraud, Jonah Kirszenberg a Liar, Thief, Criminal, Stole The Art, Then Trademarked It!

Will John Kirszenberg, FlatEarthLunacy, e-commerce failure be jailed for this brazen act of theft? This image was illegally trademarked. It’s a clipart image that John Kirszenberg claimed at the USPTO. Why would he trademark some clipart?

The Words of Jonah The Cyberbully, a Hypocrite With No Insight

The following quotes are taken from a website about meditation and mindfulness. The author, Jonah The Cyberbully, is a full-time cyberbully, slanderer, liar, and psychopath with no empathy who tries to get me arrested, fired, and ruined. “The human race has blossomed into a multitude of diversity. If in that diversity, we exercise a tendencyContinue reading “The Words of Jonah The Cyberbully, a Hypocrite With No Insight”

Yes, Jonah, Your Subscribestar was CANCELLED.

https://www.subscribestar.com/JonahTheScientist?sref=aLlLJ Hello, you pathetic cyberstalker/ cyberbully. I’m dealing with Goldfinch. I’ll deal with you after. You’re flat out crazy and stupid. Get a life, Jonah. FLATEARTHLUNACY is your legacy. A legacy is obsessiveness and compulsory behavior. Stop being a CRY BULLY. You are not a victim. You’re the victimizer. Narcissist. Is this why your wifeContinue reading “Yes, Jonah, Your Subscribestar was CANCELLED.”


* I had his Subsribestar CANCELLED* His shop was CANCELLED There is an overzealous self-righteous dim-witted psychopath named Jonah who is making a name for himself by engaging in hysterical character assassination and defamation campaigns against people more intelligent than he is.  He’s incredibly dishonest and plays games in order to solicit material to useContinue reading “IS IT TIME FOR JONAH THE CYBERBULLY TO CANCEL HIS FLAT EARTH LUNACY?”