Birthday At The Bar

Herbert had just celebrated another birthday, alone, at a bar. He freely dispensed shouted wisdom to all within ear-shot. “Let us have a moment of science!” he declared. “It is a scientific fact,” he slurred, “that scientists that have more birthdays live longer!” He slammed the shot glass down loudly. This was his eleventh shot.Continue reading “Birthday At The Bar”

Mad Scientist Hit By Truck

Herbert planned his siege as he pedaled the stolen bicycle to the dinosaur museum. The world depended upon scientists to enforce facts. Everything was upside down. “People no longer respect credentials; they respect memes. Everyone is their own authority today and now the world is falling apart,” Herbert said, hair blowing in the wind. ItContinue reading “Mad Scientist Hit By Truck”

Dingo Dogs and Settled Scores

Herbert was hungry again. He was feeling cornered. Reaching into his wallet produceda crumbed and ripped five-dollar bill.A dog was walking by. He recognized it. He whistled to get its attention. It was a scrawny dingo with a leather collar.He looked up and down the street. He was heading for a small square-shaped building onContinue reading “Dingo Dogs and Settled Scores”

In The Name Of Science

“Science is how we purify nature,” he said to the students, teachers, and parents at the dinosaur museum. Herbert had always hated the uneducated. They displayed their ignorance at the museum with their asinine questions indicating they paid scant attention in class. It was a place where he felt psychotic. He was an angry, cantankerousContinue reading “In The Name Of Science”

Chapter 2) Herbert Climbs A Tree To Detect Earth’s Curvature

It was nearing midday when our hero Herbert set off to disprove the Flat Earthers once and for all. Their ridonkulous theory was gaining traction among the youth in the absence of rigorous scientific training in the classrooms. He spotted a mask on the ground and angrily swiped it up, putting it in his backContinue reading “Chapter 2) Herbert Climbs A Tree To Detect Earth’s Curvature”